Our Story

Our Story

Bringing 3806 to life as the Micro-brewery of Berwick has evolved from our dream to our focus and passion. To be able to bring our love of beer and fine food to the masses is really what it is about. To share an experience in flavour that has been born from within Berwick, 3806 itself.

Branding in alignment with our town that our families have grown up in is an opportunity to give the nod to everyone who has walked our streets and worked to grow our community to what it is today — at 3806 we intend to appreciate that and bring the generations before to life!

At 3806 we bring a culinary experience with beer, mateship and food that leaves our guests smiling, refreshed and wanting to come back for more.Our vision to create a space that is primarily focused on producing and selling high quality craft beers paired with a fresh and seasonal menu which is locally sourced.

We have a desire to connect and want to share our love of beer and food through story-telling and compelling narratives. We wouldn’t be scared to throw a little music into the mix occasionally to really bring the space to life.

The team at 3806 believe in community and want the venue to bring everyone together to celebrate the best local produce Berwick has to offer. This is an ode to the early days of Berwick; it’s rolling hills of green and the farms which have provided quality resources for many years.

When the final round has been called and it’s time for our consumers to head home from 3806, our friends will be able to take some of that experience home with them by having take-away available.

The brewery

We're proud to have opened the first microbrewery in Berwick! Director and head brewer Lachie is responsible for our brewing roster along with sourcing high quality ingredients and following quality brewing practices that produces craft beer that is bold and fun.


Run by head chef and director Zac Pattison—formerly of Taxi Kitchen (Melbourne) & O.MY Restaurant (Beaconsfield)— the 3806 kitchen produces some amazing food that pair up perfectly with your drink orders from open until close. Zac's envision of the seasonal and locally sourced produce is unmatched on our ever changing menu to guarantee it has that local feel.